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Fresh or Frozen

Supplied fresh! Stock up & save, extend shelf life by placing in the freezer… If you can wait that long.


Gluten Free Facility

Our breads and cakes are fresh baked in our dedicated gluten free facility.
No gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, or soy.


Retail Locations

Natural food stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and bakeries. Home delivery? You bet, contact us.

Perfect for my little gluten free guy!

My little gluten free guy LOVES your bread!! In fact, we all love them!! We just got back from vacation and before we left, my daughter and I went on a hunt for your zucchini breads and bought four! We were jumping up and down like we won the lottery. They were perfect for my son in the morning for a gf breakfast… although we all chowed them down!!

Your products taste like real food!

Your products taste like REAL food!
Beth Hillson – Food Editor, Living Without Magazine | Founder, Gluten-Free Pantry | President, American Celiac Disease Alliance

Gluten Free Goodies

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

Perfect end to a meal

Banana Chocolate Chip

Better than Entenmann's

Crusty Italian Bread

Satisfy your Semolina bread craving


Our bestseller!

Our Signature Pizza

Pizza ready when you are

Crunchy Crust

Family favorite!

Yummy Dessert

Pairs perfectly with ice cream

Dinner Rolls

Fresh baked daily

Delicious Moist Cake

Delicious Moist Cake

Try our gluten free delicious moist cakes. Zucchini, Coconut Zucchini, Banana Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip. Seasonal flavors too.

Crunchy Crust Bread

Crunchy Crust Bread

Satisfy your bread craving with our Crusty Italian Bread and Bread Bites. “Getting my precious Italian bread back in my life is wonderful!!!!” -Laurie


Signature Pizza Crust

Find out why all the local restaurants are switching to our personal size Signature Pizza Crust. Get it to go, or slap on your favorite toppings at home.

Meet Jennie

Jennie Batista

Jennie Batista

My husband & girls are picky eaters, but they love my gluten free breads & cakes! Forget that I've been gluten free since 2002, it's the taste that counts!



I believe gluten free should be easy, delicious, and something you should be able to share with confidence.


In 2008, I teamed up with my sister, took our family recipes and flipped them to gluten free. The results were amazing.


I tested each recipe time and time again on my husband and students, my biggest and harshest critics (yes I’m a high school teacher). I knew if they loved it, I was onto something.


Not wanting to cross-contaminate our products and with the difficulty of finding the perfect facility, my sister and I closed Grandma’s Goodies in 2010. I don’t buy products manufactured in a facility that contains wheat, so why would I bake in one?


Made by Jennie

Made by Jennie offers delicious gluten free products without sacrificing flavor. If you want to try my tasty foods, look in your local supermarket!



Now everything is in place. I’m a mother of two beautiful girls and I’m following my passion to make the best-tasting gluten free food.


Perfect if you’re vegan – no gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, or soy – zero trans fats and cholesterol.


No more frustration and embarrassment. Stop sacrificing and wasting money. Try my crunchy crust Italian Bread or my quick and easy Zucchini Cake, and you’ll never crave “real” food again.





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